Behind the scenes at Radio Caroline (in the 1970s)

Cover Behind the scenes at Radio CarolineWho would have thought that working behind the scenes at Radio Caroline would involve smuggling money from one country to another, proving to the police that a body wasn’t buried in your garden, knowing that ‚Bob the Mole‘ from the Home Office was listening in to all your phone conversations, that you’d be taking part in a controversial launch of a band or working with George Harrison as he set up Hand Made Films? A sane person might have run for the hills. But being naïve (and perhaps not entirely sane) these were just a few of the shenanigans that the author encountered as she embarked on years of working with Ronan O’Rahilly – the main founder of Radio Caroline.

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In the 1970s Radio Caroline listeners would, if they were lucky and everything was running smoothly, hear presenters playing great album tracks that couldn’t be heard on any other station. Behind the scenes though, others were beavering away to ensure Caroline stayed on the air.

Australian Lyn Gilbert, living in the UK is a teacher, but did a lot of side jobs in her youth, working at bars and restaurants and helping Ronan O’Rahilly producing movies and running his pirate radio station.

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